Building a Terrarium – Bloombox X Jungle Cruise

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a wonderful campaign I’ve taken part of, to celebrate the new Disney movie – Jungle Cruise! The campaign is run by the babes at Bloombox who sell a ginormous range of wonderful house plants. I tried building a terrarium with Bloombox X Jungle Cruise, which is part of the Amazonian collection. This collection was created to celebrate all things Jungle vibes with Disney and by Joe, the range is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re interested in buying the Jungle Cruise terrarium or anything else on the website, you can:

Use the code EMMA15 for 15% off your Bloombox order!

Another of my favourite ranges is the air purifying collection. Who wouldn’t want a selection of plants that make the air your breathe cleaner and better for you? What a winner. You can also filter out plants to ensure they’re totally pet friendly which is a great bonus, so you don’t have to do all the research yourself.

I tried my hand at creating a terrarium. The set is fab as you are given all the materials needed and a really easy to understand leaflet. Plus, almost all the packaging is recyclable which is a winner. I feel this this would make an ideal gift as it’s soo fun to put together, and the end result is beautiful. These plants are also a chunk easier to look after than other so they’re perfect for people of all skill levels.

You are given the terrarium jar, gravel, charcoal, soil and plants, along with a care booklet and how to guide. Each step is super simple yet hugely satisfying! I loved the step where you mix the dried soil disc with water as over time it soaks it all up and triples in size. See my Tiktok video below for all the satisfaction!!

I really enjoyed building a terrarium with Bloombox Jungle Cruise and cannot wait to see Jungle Cruise! It’s giving me serious flashback vibes to working in Disneyland Florida and I just love these vibes!

Have a look at me creating this beauty in action:

You can check out all the products that are part of the Disney collaboration on the Amazonian Collection page. Bloombox are also running an epic giveaway where you can win a years worth of plants.

Check out more Disney goodness here on the blog, or jump into the world of UK travel here.

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