Everything you can Celebrate in September

Today’s post is all about everything you can celebrate in September! All the events and goings on to have a bloody great time. I write these up every month to share all the ideas for you to have something to look forward to. I really do think it makes a giant difference when you have some fun things on the horizon. Log them in your Calendar, get a couple of things in for preparation and enjoy!

Events in September:

  • The real bread campaign runs the length of the month. This celebrates fab sourdough, crusty french bread loaves and soft bakes. What a time to be alive. Get down to your local bakery and get some fresh bread, get all the fillings in and make an afternoon tea of it. Set aside a day to tick this off!
  • September is also home to celebrating organic food. I think this could be a great time to whip out some recipe books and learn to cook some new meals. I’ve been loving the One Pot Vegan book, the Forks over Knives cookbook, and the Leon Fast Vegan book. This is one to keep throughout the month of everything you can celebrate in September.
  • The month is also (okay this month is greedy at the point!) the Festival of Learning Month. Lifelong learning. The point of spreading this message is how we should all continuously work on and improve ourselves. I really love this and think this is a sign for us to try something new throughout the month.
  • You should also visit a funfair this month. September usually has some glorious days dotted between, so schedule in a weekend to go to a little theme park or fun fair near you.
  • National Doodle Day. September the 3rd. A strange one but I LOVE it! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long while since I’ve picked up a pen and paper to doodle. Let’s join the fun and doodle away with a good film on in the background.
  • National Read A Book Day. September the 6th. Whip out a book and visit the park, or grab a blanket and curl up at home.
  • National Hot Cross Buns Day. September the 11th. This seems a weird one because it’s generally an Easter snack, but hey, this day has been dubbed. Butter up those buns and enjoy warm buttery goodness! (PS. lots of hot cross buns are accidentally vegan in supermarkets – just have a quick Google and you’ll find plenty of options if you’re a fellow big fat Vegan like me!)
  • International Day of Peace. September the 21st. I think this is a really special event and I love that there’s a day to spread this message. You can celebrate this however you feel best – read a good book, educate yourself on some international subjects, bake an international delicacy, or practice peace and positive mental health yourself. One to take note of, however you celebrate!
  • World Car Free Day. September the 22nd. Even if you didn’t plan on driving this day, celebrate the time by going on a nice walk and taking in the fresh air.
  • World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. September the 24th. Raise money for Macmillan and host a cheeky coffee morning – at work or with friends at home. Get your free kit for this here. Check out my DELICIOUS vegan cupcake recipe, vegan whoopie cookie recipe or ultimate fudgey brownie recipe for your morning!
  • USA Pancake Day. September the 26th. We might celebrate our own day here, but let’s join our friends over the pond and enjoy in this deliciousness all over again!
  • World Tourism Day. September the 27th. Depending on what the world let’s us do this year, try something new! Visit a new city or even a new park nearby your house. Try something new!

However you spend it, I hope you have the best September in existence! Do you have anything to add to everything you can celebrate in September?

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