Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Explorersaur! We are Jack and Emma, an adventure seeking couple that find the biggest thrills and joy through experiencing as much of the world as possible. We want to see everything, and have managed to start doing so on teeny budgets throughout my time at University and that whole, growing up on starting position job phases. We have built up a huge database of tips and tricks to get the biggest bang for a buck on our holidays, and found along the way the things that are just worth splurging on in different countries. Hey, even if you’re rolling in it, it makes sense to get the best deal for your travels and save money for other adventures right? That could be a seaplane experience, a dinner in the sky or a whole new destination, why not make the most of it!

Explorersaur is our little corner of the internet to share all our travels, tips, what’s worth seeing across destinations (and sometimes what’s worth skipping!) and to log all the epic deals we find. Travelling to Vegas on £400 each for a week? Yes, yes I will take that. We aren’t here to throw out “big company” style posts – instead, a more personal take on the things we get up to and always 100% honest.

You can follow along with our adventures and deeper delve here on the blog, and you can also catch up with us on our YouTube channel. All of our channels are @explorersaur!

Meet Emma

Hi! I’m Emma, a cat cuddler, pizza connoisseur (oh yes!), Disney lover and travelholic. I have a degree in Business and Marketing and have a lust to wander the world!

I abso-bloody-lutely love a celebration – birthdays, events, Christmasses, holidays. Any reason to celebrate and I am there. I’ve also curated a lifestyle section here on Explorersaur to talk through things like this – did you see your Harry Potter afternoon tea with sorting hat cupcakes? Such magic! Any reason to spoil people and have a cocktail, and I’ll come a-running.

I previously worked for a summer Disneyworld Florida (on the ride Mission space to be exact – read the Disney section of the blog to find out more!) and would love to work elsewhere in the world too. Maybe somewhere snowy next!

My favourite travel experience so far was seeing the Northern Lights dance across the sky in Iceland. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, and there’s something so special about witnessing this naturally occurring magic.

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Meet Jack

(And Daisy! Bless her sweet fluffy heart.) Jack is probably not the person to be writing lots of kind words about himself – far too modest – but this is one brilliant chap.

Along with coming along to every adventure possible and being up for anything you could throw at him, Jack works in construction, loves a space podcast, and will eat his body weight in chocolate at every given opportunity.

Jack is for sure a yes man and is always seeking physical adventures. He has previously bungee jumped (madness!) and loves kayaking, quad biking, segwaying, and really any other adventure fuelled excursion.

He also can never decide anything – ever! Never ask him what takeaway he wants or give him too many options hahaha. True to pattern, he could never choose just one favourite holiday or experience, but has especially enjoyed our travels to Malta, Iceland, and road tripping across the USA and Italy. There’s no holiday buddy better than this chunk of hunk!

FAQ – Things you might like to know!

Where are you from?
We are both originally from Essex in the UK – although I (Emma) was born in York but moved as a young child. We met at a friends moving in party and had a thing from the get go! (Jack was obsessed with me OOPS did I write that down hahahahaha.)

Where do you live now?
We love to explore as much as possible, and have a solid base in Brighton in the UK. We absolutely love our home here and Brighton has brought us so many happy memories, but we would also be happy to live elsewhere in the future. For now, Brighton is a real happy place for us! It’s also been so much fun having a house and garden to play with and decorate, Jack has even built some of our furniture; which is bloody amazing!

Where is your favourite destination so far?
This one is tough and I’m sure we would tell you different things on different days!! We loved how much of Malta you get to explore all in one trip, as you can hire a car and really see the whole entire thing. We also loved living it large in US cities, seeing the natural beauty of Iceland, Finland and Italy. We can’t wait to visit more of Asia and, to be honest, everywhere.

“We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list!”

How do you afford to travel so much?
Holidays are our favourite thing to do, and our favourite thing to spend money on! Work, save, travel, splurge, repeat repeat repeat. We work to find the very best deals to be able to see as much of the world as we can – including long haul holidays which are often out of the question as they can be a lot pricier. A big tip is to be open to travel at different times of year and to catch those horrid AM flights. Take a look at our tips on how to travel cheaper and smarter posts!

Have you worked abroad?
Emma speaking – I have worked in Disneyworld in Florida for three months, as a summer’s working holiday at the end of University. Living and working in Florida came with sooo many cultural adjustments, including living with cockroaches and dealing with storms and hurricane warnings often. I met some wonderful people and had some really incredible times. I would love to work in Finland (Santas Village can you hear me? Haha!) and we would both love to work in Australia, New Zealand and other cities in the US and across the world. It makes for a great way to see more of the world and often, you won’t be saving a huge amount on these working holidays (if at all,) but they’ll let you experience so much. New people, places and experiences.

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