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  • Everything you can Celebrate in September

    socialsuss 1st September 2021

    Today’s post is all about everything you can celebrate in September! All the events and goings on to have a bloody great time. I write these up every month to share all the ideas for you to have something to look forward to. I really do think it makes a giant difference when you have some fun things on the horizon. Log them in your Calendar, get a couple of…

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  • GIVEAWAY! Win a £100 ASOS voucher!

    socialsuss 24th August 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a new cheeky giveaway I’m running – a £100 ASOS voucher! If you are based outside of the UK the gift card can be transferred through to your currency, and if you are based outside of the extensive ASOS delivery zone we can arrange an alternative voucher – like Amazon. Woohoo! I’m SO very excited for all the Autumn/Winter goodness entering shops at…

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  • Building a Terrarium – Bloombox X Jungle Cruise

    socialsuss 18th August 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a wonderful campaign I’ve taken part of, to celebrate the new Disney movie – Jungle Cruise! The campaign is run by the babes at Bloombox who sell a ginormous range of wonderful house plants. I tried building a terrarium with Bloombox X Jungle Cruise, which is part of the Amazonian collection. This collection was created to celebrate all things Jungle vibes with…

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  • Crocodiles of the World Review – Galapagos Tortoises

    socialsuss 1st August 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today is a review of the Crocodiles of the World Galapagos Tortoise Experience. Me and Jack booked this in for a random Monday over our break here and honestly had such a wonderful time, so I wanted to share some details about the zoo, experience and logistics! Crocodiles of the World is based in Oxford – Brize Norton. This is just outside the city and super easy to…

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  • Best Vegan Food In Brighton

    socialsuss 25th July 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today we’re talking about all the best Vegan food in Brighton – yaaaay! Brighton is in the top 5 cities for Vegans in the UK and after living here for 5 years, I can fully say there are some incredible options to suit everyone. I’ve tried some of my favourite food in the whole world here, and absolutely love sharing the foodie knowledge. Let’s get into it! If…

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  • Best Vegan Food In York

    socialsuss 21st July 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about the best Vegan spots to grab some food in York. York is a Viking city (and dates back to the Roman times!) literally packed full of history, things to do, and lots to eat! I was actually born here and my family own a house here, so I’ll be coming back more and more. With this, I have of course been testing out…

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  • Vegan Whoopie Cookie Recipe

    socialsuss 18th July 2021

    Today’s recipe is an absolute BANGER, if I do say so myself. I’m going to talk you through my Vegan Whoopie Cookie Recipe – and they are so bloody worth every second it takes to make. (Which actually doesn’t amount to many seconds.. Quick and delicious – win!) Honestly I just want to eat more and more at this stage, this is absolutely my new obsession. (And my boyfriend is…

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  • All the Events and Celebrations You Can Enjoy This Summer

    socialsuss 14th July 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about the events and celebrations you can enjoy this Summer! After a long turbulent couple of years I think we all just feel a bit foggy. All the days blur, we get some hope and then some crappy news rolls around the corner. Sound familiar? With all the rubbish going on I wanted to share some events and celebrations you can look forward…

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  • How to go to Lapland on a budget – families and couples!

    socialsuss 11th July 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about how to go to Lapland on a budget – finding the best deals, saving money and more. Lapland is a dream holiday for soo many of us. But it can be extortionately expensive. We believe the best holidays shouldn’t be saved for the rich kids amongst us, so we’ve done some digging to share with you how to go to Lapland on a…

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  • Amazon work from home buys – Win a £150 Amazon voucher!

    socialsuss 7th July 2021

    Hello wonderful humans! Today’s post is a round-up of some absolute GEMS you can order from Amazon to smash work from home life. Must have work from home buys from the pals at Amazon. PLUS, you can win a £150 Amazon voucher (or the equivalent in your country,) later down the post. Over the last year and a half I’ve been working from home. I most likely will as long…

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