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  • How to practice wellness and self care! + GIVEAWAY

    socialsuss 8th June 2021

    Hello you lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer wellness – things you should be doing to celebrate and love yourself. It’s amazing how many people statistically really find fault in themselves – their body, traits and various aspects. Studies have shown that this leads to a worsened quality of life and it’s just heartbreaking. There is genuinely SO much power in practicing self love, wellness, and manifesting. It…

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  • New rules date ideas! Summer 2021 + GIVEAWAY!

    socialsuss 20th May 2021

    Hello lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer date ideas now we have a set of new Covid rules. Obv being safe is still an absolute priority and so lots of us are going to hold off international travel and some more risky activities. Walk before you can run of all I reckon! With that being said, the new rules open up lots more possibilities of us that we…

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  • Green travel list – how much it costs to visit each country!

    socialsuss 12th May 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is about the green travel list – and how much it costs to visit each country this summer! The government recently released the “green list.” This is essentially a list of the countries we will able to travel to. Some of which require a vaccine passport and some a negative Covid test. Today we’re going to look at the requirements to enter each country and…

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  • Rockwater Brighton and Hove Review – what to expect

    socialsuss 4th May 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a gorgeous new establishment close to home for me – Rockwater Hove. I’m letting you know what to expect from the Rockwater in Hove/Brighton, and reviewing all the areas. This gorgeous restaurant and bar is based on the Hove seafront, about a half hour beach-front stroll or 5 minute drive from Brighton. It’s a stand-alone building that has a complete waterfront view, and…

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  • Win a date night bundle! Gin, homeware, and games!

    socialsuss 19th April 2021

    Oh hello Explorersaurs! Today I’m giving you the chance to win an EPIC selection of date night products, all sponsored by a dating website – Single Disabled. Single Disabled are a website aiming to provide a channel to enable inter-abled relationships, for people who are looking for love or for friendship. The giveaway includes an epic package to provide the best date night in – including gin, glasses, pamper products,…

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  • Disney interactive Instagram story templates

    socialsuss 14th March 2021

    Hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is a cheeky quick one, but I’ve been working on story templates for my new Disney Instagram account – @adatewithdisney. I wanted to collate them all in a blog post that I keep adding to as I go, as they’re so fun to make, and SO fun to do! If you’re also a Disney lover (I mean you found your way here!) they are interactive in…

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  • How to make vegan brownies | Delicious fudge-fest recipe

    socialsuss 10th March 2021

    Hello beauties! Before turning vegan, brownies were just MY THING. I had the best recipe and they would just be perfect every single time. I’ve been learning how to make vegan brownies for a while, trialling different recipes and options. Whilst they were no where near enough easy to get right, I now have the perfect, delicious fudge-fest of a recipe that I know you’re going to love! I think…

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  • How much does a holiday to Disney World Florida cost?

    socialsuss 28th February 2021

    Oh hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a breakdown in costs for a holiday to Walt Disney World. How much does it really cost? I’m going to show you the breakdown for both a family of four, and a couples holiday, for two weeks in the good old land of Orlando. I’m also going to factor in tickets to the Disney parks and Universal. (No sea world, we don’t…

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  • March Events – What special days are happening in March?

    socialsuss 27th February 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Earlier in February I wrote up a post of everything worth celebrating in the ole land of the Feb. Today’s post is a similar strain, looking at the special days and events happening in March. With everything else in the world still so up and down, it can be bring a whole bunch of joy having things to look forward to. Whether that’s a day full of…

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  • How to work in Disney World Florida from the UK

    socialsuss 24th February 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! I recently set up a Disney Instagram account. I bloody LOVE Disney and have so much to share and talk about on the subject, but I also don’t want to alienate anyone on my normal/travel accounts. So my new Disney-mad hub has been born! You can follow my Disney Instagram here @adatewithdisney ! Since creating this new account and sharing some Disney finds and ventures, I’ve been talking…

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