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  • What do in Iceland as a couple | Part 1

    socialsuss 18th November 2016

    Oh Iceland you incredible gem of a country that absolutely everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing!! This was my second time in Iceland and Jack’s first – we have since been back and will continue to go back again and again. This place has a slice of our hearts and is completely covered in so much natural beauty and so many natural wonders. We have so much to say…

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  • Milan | Where to drink | Nottingham Forest – an experimental bar

    socialsuss 9th August 2016

    We visited Milan for a little affordable European break near my birthday. Have a read of the Italy tab on the blog to see what we would recommend doing and seeing here – as there are so many lovely things to do in the area. One of my top highlights from this whole holiday was Nottingham Forest. If you’re also a drink lover, a cocktail consumer, an alcohol absorber, you…

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  • Forest Holidays at Blackwood Forest | A weekend in the forest

    socialsuss 17th May 2016

    In May, Jack, a couple of friends and I set off to Blackwood Forest – a gorgeous forest just past the South Downs near us in Brighton. We decided to stay here for a mini home vacay – although it’s actually a comparable price to a lot of European holidays, sometimes there’s something so relaxing and special about just hopping in a car, loading up on good food and drinks…

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