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  • Climbing the O2 | Up at the O2 | Is it hard? Do you need to be fit to climb the O2?

    socialsuss 13th March 2017

    Today’s post is a little round up about something you should definitely do if you live in or around London, or are visiting the city! We should all absolutely climb the O2! I went with my family, boyfriend and some friends for a sunset walk on top of the O2, and it was so bloody fun. You can buy tickets from their website with a quick Google, and depending on…

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  • The most delicious brownies in the world ever

    socialsuss 24th January 2017

    There aint nothing better than warm, gooey homemade brownies. Me and my boyfriend whipped up the most delicious ever so I thought I’d give it a share. The base of the recipe is one by the wonderful Mary Berry, you definitely need to try them out! You will need:

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  • Visiting Disneyland Paris at Christmas | Is it worth it?

    socialsuss 24th December 2016

    Merry Christmas you wonderful people! About a week ago I got back from the cutest little mini break to Paris with my boyfriend Jack – we went specifically to see Disney at Christmas, but also managed to get in a little bit of Paris on the way home. I absolutely love Christmas and am a complete sucker for anything and everything Christmassy. Stick some tinsel on it and I’m there…

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  • What do in Iceland as a couple | Part 2

    socialsuss 2nd December 2016

    Iceland is very possibly our favourite country in the whole entire world. There is so much to explore and so much to see, and it’s one of those places where you can have the most wonderful trip with anyone – friends, a partner, family. I’ve done this trip with all of those groups, and today’s post is a follow on from our part one post all about what to do…

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  • What do in Iceland as a couple | Part 1

    socialsuss 18th November 2016

    Oh Iceland you incredible gem of a country that absolutely everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing!! This was my second time in Iceland and Jack’s first – we have since been back and will continue to go back again and again. This place has a slice of our hearts and is completely covered in so much natural beauty and so many natural wonders. We have so much to say…

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  • Milan | Where to drink | Nottingham Forest – an experimental bar

    socialsuss 9th August 2016

    We visited Milan for a little affordable European break near my birthday. Have a read of the Italy tab on the blog to see what we would recommend doing and seeing here – as there are so many lovely things to do in the area. One of my top highlights from this whole holiday was Nottingham Forest. If you’re also a drink lover, a cocktail consumer, an alcohol absorber, you…

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  • Forest Holidays at Blackwood Forest | A weekend in the forest

    socialsuss 17th May 2016

    In May, Jack, a couple of friends and I set off to Blackwood Forest – a gorgeous forest just past the South Downs near us in Brighton. We decided to stay here for a mini home vacay – although it’s actually a comparable price to a lot of European holidays, sometimes there’s something so relaxing and special about just hopping in a car, loading up on good food and drinks…

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