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  • Where to look for UK holidays – the best unique stays

    socialsuss 19th February 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about where to look for the best UK holidays. Places you can look to find weird, wonderful, and unique stays. Given the pattern we’ve seen so far with lockdown holidays, it looks likely that we’ll be looking at UK getaways before we get those airport feels. So in honour and preparation of this, I’m going to talk through all the best places you…

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  • All the best hair products – plus win a Dyson Airwrap!!

    socialsuss 14th February 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! Happy fricken Valentines day – woohoo! How are you spending today? I have a few posts published now about this Valentines (another event in lockdown, I hear you say!), you can see those posts below. Today’s post is all about the best products – high end and high street inclusive – for your hair. You can also win a Dyson Airwrap! How to spend a lockdown Valentines…

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  • How to spend Valentines day alone!

    socialsuss 12th February 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! I recently posted a hefty old list all about the best ways to spend Valentines over lockdown – you can read that post here. This post has ideas that are well suited to friends, family, partners or even spending the day alone. Due to lockdown being a bit of a goonie and stopping all the normality we would normally get, I wanted to write up a post especially…

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  • What events are happening in February? How to celebrate!

    socialsuss 8th February 2021

    Oh hey Explorersaurs! With so much negativity, uncertainty and all those same dramas coming back time and time again, I wanted to write today’s post about all the things we can look forward to in February. There are lots of events coming up – some amazing – some silly – and you should hear all about them. I’ve written some posts about ideas to do for these events, so be…

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  • What to do this Valentines day – another in lockdown

    socialsuss 7th February 2021

    Hey Explorersaurs! What a year it’s been so far. It’s been said (a lot,) but January absolutely did have 1789283378383 days, approximately. I’m sooo glad February has finally come around, and I hope this will slowly be the start of better and brighter things on the horizon. I’m already planning on creating a little palette sofa in the garden; well.. Getting Jack on that! And hoping for better things to…

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  • All the best bath bomb brands! (Because LUSH upped their prices x a million)

    socialsuss 6th February 2021

    Hello beauts! Today’s post is all about some lovely, cruelty free bath bomb and bath product companies. I used to be ENTIRELY obsessed with LUSH and to be honest, they have a few products that really are second to none and a peg better than the rest. I’ve been lucky enough to go a LUSH event a few years back, and have had a couple of friends work there over…

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  • Blogging as a job – the industry, tips and media kits!

    socialsuss 18th January 2021

    Hello Explorersaurs! Since I started my old blog(s – it had a couple of rebrands!) – a few years ago, I often entered the discussion of blogging as a job, an income source, and of course the topic of whether or not bloggers are legitimate, trustworthy etc etc. It all started as such a small niche of people where income was little to none, but people just enjoyed rambling away…

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  • Sleeps12.com review – A UK Covid-allowing Surrey break!

    socialsuss 30th December 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! It has been far too long since my last post here on Explorersaur – for a few reasons really. This year has been a whirlwind of rubbish, and December was honestly a crap-storm of a month to top it all off for me. (Including my family getting Covid – thankfully they’re okay, but it’s not an ideal time for any of us really is it.) Amongst (well, before,)…

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  • Free resources you can enjoy over lockdown

    socialsuss 25th November 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about some free resources you can enjoy over lockdown 2.0. How are you all feeling about this one? I feel like there was even *dare I say it* a touch of excitement over the first time – a factor of the unknown and being able to spend more time at home with family, and just stop for a while. This time round, we know…

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  • Making ethical product switches | Wild Deodorant, Hey Estrid, Upcircle, Ohne product reviews

    socialsuss 11th November 2020

    Oh hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a few new changes I’ve made in a bid to become more sustainable,* looking at self care. Today we’re talking about deodorant, skincare, shaving and feminine care – all from groovy AF new, mainly small companies that give that feel-good vibe to be supporting. I’ve recently become more and more aware of sustainability and how much every day brands effect the environment,…

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