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  • The best advent calendars of 2020 (That don’t cost hundreds of pounds because.. really?)

    socialsuss 8th November 2020

    Hey Explorersaurs!! Today’s post is all about the best advent calendars available in 2020 – ones that all cost under £60. I know some of the ones that’ll set you back hundreds have a huge saving, but I personally feel that when you’re spending that much money it still makes sense to choose every individual product. When it comes to beauty calendars, our shade preferences, skin care needs and general…

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  • A Vegan Beauty Haul | Holland and Barrett

    socialsuss 4th November 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about Holland and Barrett beauty – admittedly somewhere I hadn’t considered shopping at for beauty products before. Before this year I’d really thought of the brand as the destination for vitamins and healthy snacks! But I’ve now discovered they are bad-ass pals for all the Vegan chocolate and sweets you could want (see my post all about that here,) and so so much more.…

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  • Decorating my house for Halloween!

    socialsuss 31st October 2020

    Happy Halloween you Explorersaur-ing pals! For today’s post I’ve decided to share a bunch of Pinterest-worthy decorations, to spread those spooky vibes. I feel like Halloween decorations are generally pretty short lived, and for that reason I quite like to have a mixture of full on tacky trinkets and a few more timeless pieces. For seasons when you have decorations up for a month plus, I get the investment in…

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  • The best VEGAN chocolate | Holland and Barrett

    socialsuss 28th October 2020

    Oh hello Explorersaurs! So it’s nearing a month(ish) since I’ve fully turned Vegan, and although there’s a few things I will definitely never miss, there are some things high on my mind… Cheese and chocolate! I have tried some good vegan chocolate so far (hello Galaxy salted caramel Vegan bar!) but I need to find more, I need to find a really good replacement that covers that late night Cadbury…

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  • Visiting a Drive-In Cinema! | Tulleys Haunted Cinema

    socialsuss 25th October 2020

    Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is a cheeky round up of our recent trip to the Tulleys Haunted Cinema – a drive-in cinema based in Crawley (South of London,) in the UK. I recently posted about our trip to the pumpkin patch here on Tulleys farm – you can read that here. Since we had a cracker of a time we decided to come back for this! Due to the rubbish-ness…

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  • Autumn activities | All the things you can still do in lockdown!

    socialsuss 24th October 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! I hope you’re all feeling especially spooky and ready for the Halloween feels that are coming thick and fast!! I’m personally really happy it’s now Autumn and we can move on to wintery celebrations soon – a summer on lockdown seems like there’s a lot to be missed out on, but for some reason Autumn seems easier to handle. I guess a whole bunch of the fun –…

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  • Visiting a Pumpkin Patch | Tulley’s Farm, Crawley 2020

    socialsuss 23rd October 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! We’re getting all kinds of Autumnal today with a little round-up of Tulley’s Farm – a pumpkin patch based in Crawley, South of London. (Near Gatwick!) It seems like everyone and their sister are visiting Pumpkin farms this Autumn and to be honest I am ALL FOR IT. All those pictures full of orange and green popping up on Instagram – come at me! (Follow me on Instagram…

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  • Forest Holidays Silver Birch Cabin Review | The Pandemic Precautions, Cabin, Hot Tub and Activities!

    socialsuss 21st October 2020

    Hello Explorersaurs! Another cabin to grace your screens today – this time the gorgeous silver birch cabin from Forest Holidays. If you missed my previous post all about a cabin we visited in Kent – a little gypsy-style hut with a wood fired hot tub and outdoor fires, take a look at it here! There are so-so many beautiful UK cabins dotted around the UK and they make such a…

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  • Creepy Halloween films to watch in October | Ranging from creeps majeeps to TERRIFYING!

    socialsuss 18th October 2020

    Oh hello Explorersaur pals!! Today’s post is such a fun one, a round-up list, the master-list if you will, all about the films you absolutely definitely completely entirely need to watch in October! They range from creepy kiddo films (oh hello the Corpse Bride,) to terrifying films that will have you shook, keep you up at night and make you cuddle your cats for some comfort. Now that’s my kind…

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  • VEGAN Triple Chocolate Cookies – and they’re bloody delicious!

    socialsuss 14th October 2020

    Oh hello explorersaurs! I loove a good recipe and absolutely had to share this one today. These are the vegan triple chocolate cookies. They are divineee. I recently shared a recipe (before going fully vegan) on triple chocolate cookies – they are also really damn tasty, but I needed to find a good vegan alternative to one of my favourite snacks. I can just see these all sat out on…

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